This is my go to recipe for cakes! Use this the same recipe with butter and a little vanilla extract for yellow and chocolate cakes you can play with the pudding flavors as well! I always uesed Duncan Hines until they changed the box size and my cakes started failing. I was a little skeptical to Pillsbury because there is already pudding in the mix, but you sold me I will try it with Pilllsbury this time.

I made this for 4th of July weekend, and being a novice baker, I’d say this recipe was quick and easy. The flavor was great, although a bit dry for my mothers standards (she’s picky)! I’ll definitely make this one again. Thanks.

great recipe! I’m planning to make this for a friend’s housewarming party this weekend! I was wondering – how does it hold up the following day? I’m planning on baking the cake a day in advance, but not refrigerating it. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

It’s in the oven…….while baking I was reading all the comments which we’re all informative. I would have sprinkled the powered sugar on the whole cake. I know it is going to be good because licking the spoon it
was soooo good!

Really, really amazing recipe! I tried it out (minus the fudge pudding mix and powdered sugar unfortunately) and it was AMAZINGLY soft and moist:

Made this last weekend for a family lunch. My husband doesn’t like chocolate so I used lemon cake mix and pudding and white chocolate chips. Absolutely delicious! Even my mother-in-law raved about how good it was. Can’t wait to try the chocolate version

This is one of the easiest and most delicious cakes I’ve ever made. It’s so simple and yummy. My kids adore it, check out how it’s made.


1 box of yellow cake mix.
1 box of vanilla instant pudding.
1 box of chocolate instant pudding.
4 eggs.
¾ cup of oil.
1 cup of sour cream.
Half a 12 oz bag of semi sweet chocolate chips.


Mix all of the ingredients together in a large bowl for 2 minutes until combined leaving the chocolate chips aside.
Pour half the batter in a bundt pan and top with half the chocolate chips …

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