77GREATFOOD Recipes Jobless family of 10 that demands a new mansion for free gets hit with major backlash

Jobless family of 10 that demands a new mansion for free gets hit with major backlash

Talk about being picky.
A migrant couple that is living off taxpayer funds has turned down the opportunity to live in a five-bedroom home just because they felt that the house was not big enough to accommodate them.
According to a report by the Express, Arnold and Jeanie Sube originally hail from Cameroun in West Africa. They came in as migrants from Paris in 2012 with all of their eight kids, and they lived in a three-bedroom home that set the state back about $20,000 on a yearly basis.
When the family got the offer to move into a home that had even two more bedrooms, the couple turned it down, insisting that the house was still not big enough for them.
“People need to realize that we are in the middle of a nationwide housing crisis. We have over a thousand people in temporary accommodation and over a thousand on the waiting list.
This family re living in a huge, three-bedroom house. We were able to get them a four-bedroom house and hen a five-bed, all of which they turned down,” said Councilor Tom Shaw.
He also added, “We can’t be more sympathetic than we already are. We can’t just conjure up the property that people want out of thin air”
“The city of Luton doesn’t have many houses with five bedrooms, and this family was incredibly lucky to be offered one of the few. I honestly don’t have a lot of sympathy for them,” said Michael Garrett, the Conservative leader on the council of England.
Arnold was a student of mental health nursing at the University of Bedfordshire. He said that his family chose to reject the new housing offer due to the fact that there “wasn’t enough space for the things off 10 people”

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