Cabbage rolls can be made with a variety of flavorful fillings and could be accompanied by different sauces. This also can be prepared in different methods like baking, steaming or simmering.

It is a complete meal in itself, and a delicious one, which is why it is a popular preparation across the world, in different cuisines. This recipe has ground beef and cooked rice flavored with some chopped garlic, parsley and chopped onions as a filling. This is then coated with tomato sauce and baked to perfection. Cook the cabbage before chopping the leaves off, this is an effective way to avoid tearing the leaves while wrapping. Stuffing is easier as the leaves would be flexible after it is cooked. I suggest to slow cook them while basting with the sauce every hour to ensure a juicy and tender cabbage roll.

It’s a very comforting, hearty and a delicious option for dinner. Serve them with a portion of mashed potatoes and grilled broccoli and there you have a wonderful meal ready!


2 heads of cabbage
2 lbs ground beef
3 cups cooked rice
1 egg
1 tsp garlic
1 tbsp parsley
2 slices diced onion
1 -15 oz. can tomato sauce
1-28 oz. can crushed tomatoes
1/4 cup tomato sauce (in meat)
Salt & Pepper to taste


Put a head of cabbage in a pot of boiling water, and peel off the cabbage leaves one at a time.
Cut off the rough part on the end of the cabbage leaf with a sharp knife.
Mix all ingredients together except the 15 oz can of tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes and put a small amount (size of a sausage) on a cabbage leaf, and roll up like a fajita and place seam side down in a casserole dish. I put tomato sauce and a cabbage leaf or 2 on the bottom of the casserole dish so the Halupky won’t burn …

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