I just made these baked cheddar broccoli rice cups and they are so good! My kids got home from school and gobbled them right up!

I needed an easy meal today for my supper as I had nothing planned.  Looking through some old recipes I hadn’t made in a while, I came across a recipe for baked cheddar broccoli rice cups. I remembered making these a while ago and kind of forgot about the recipe. There was no way these wouldn’t be a hit because the kids love rice. Also there is something about individually portioned food that kids love and since these are made in a muffin tin they come out in perfect portions.

I changed the recipe up a little when I made them. I doubled it to make lots as these are great the next day for lunch and also used caesar dressing since I was out of ranch. In half of them I used cream of chicken soup instead of dressing to see if the kids liked them better that way. These are super quick to make, and the kids loved them! I think next time I will only make the ones with the cream of chicken soup. The kids preferred the ones with the cream of chicken soup, but I think the Caesar ones were delicious as well.

I also added cooked chicken to these, but you could add beef, ham, fish, anything you like! If you use beef just switch out the chicken stock for beef stock. You could also add a different kind of cheese other then cheddar for a variation. I like recipes like this because you can really change things up to suit your own tastes and preferences. The broccoli could also be switched up for another veggie. I used Basmati Rice, I love the texture of it but you can also use another variety if you wish.


* 1 (10Oz) bag broccoli thawed
* 1 Cup chicken stock
* 1 Cup white rice I used basmati rice
* 1/4 Cup ranch dressing
* 2 large eggs lightly beaten
* 3/4 Cup cheese grated


1. Boil rice.
2. Move cooked rice to a bowl to cool for a minute.
3. Throw in all the ingredients, but only use 1/2 of the cheese …

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