Chemical castration of pedophiles begins! First 2,000 injections ready for use

Chemical castration of pedophiles begins! First 2,000 injections ready for use

The ex-Soviet republic of Kazakhstan is ready to fully implement chemical castration of pedophiles and leave a near-permanent mark on convicted child abusers.
According to the officials, they have 2,000 injections ready for use, while the first one to undergo the process will be a sex attacker from the Turkestan region.

The offender will be subjected to forced castration due to being found guilty of sexual assault on a child in April 2016.
As President Nursultan Nazarbayev explained, the government has allocated some $25,000 for approximately 2,000 chemical injections on convicted child attackers for this year.

“At the moment there has been one request for chemical castration in accordance with a court ruling,” Lyazat Aktayeva, deputy health minister, said.
The new law has been introduced at the start of the year and, fortunately for the kids in Kazakhstan, it has been accepted with open hands by the government and public.
“Funds have been allocated for more than 2,000 injections,” the health minister revealed.

According to Senator Byrganym Aitimova, the castrations will be “temporary,” comprising of a “one-time injection” grounded on “the necessity of preventing the man from (committing) sexual violence.”
Unlike surgical castration, its chemical alternative leaves the genitals intact and can often be reversible. Despite the drugs reducing sex drive, however, a person might still experience sexual urges after time.

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